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a. Chapter 30, Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) permits Veterans Affairs (VA) to issue payment to an individual for all or any portion of the difference between the Tuition Assistance (TA) amount paid by the Army and the total cost of the tuition and related charges. If tuition and expenses are more than the amount the TA pays, a Soldier (officer or enlisted) eligible for Chapter 30 benefits can elect to receive MGIB benefits for all or part of the remaining expenses, up to the VA authorized cap. (A Soldier must serve at least two years on active duty before being able to use Chapter 30 MGIB benefits, including TA Top-Up.)

b. A member of the Active Army, ARNG, or USAR (AGR or Selected Reserve) who is eligible to receive Chapter 30 benefits and is receiving TA (authorized/derived under 10 USC 2007) is eligible for TA Top-Up. In cases involving reservists with Chapter 30 MGIB benefits, TA paid by the Army Reserve Component qualifies for TA Top-Up. However, when a state provides stated-funded TA to members of the ARNG, those funds do not qualify for TA Top-Up.

c. The amount of TA Top-Up paid is deducted from the individual’s remaining MGIB entitlement.