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Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance and Pell Grants -- In cases where the Soldier is eligible for the US Department of Education Pell Grant, TA may be used concurrently, and will be applied first. The Federal aid will be applied to the remaining balance of financial need as determined by the academic institution.

The US Department of Education, state, or private benefits programs -- these aid/benefit programs may be used concurrently and TA will be applied first. There are numerous scholarships/financial aid programs managed by other organizations.

WASHINGTON - Academic scholarships <http://aid.military.com/scholarship/search-for-scholarships.do> are plentiful for servicemembers wanting to further their education, but for wounded troops, simply re-integrating into civilian life can be emotionally and financially costly.

The Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation <http://www.sentinelsoffreedom.org/> is helping to ease the burden on wounded troops. The Danville, Calif.-based organization is offering four-year "Life Scholarships" to help smooth severely wounded servicemembers' transition <http://www.ed.gov> to the rest of their lives.

Resources for Severely Injured Servicemembers <http://www.military.com/support>.

Operation Education: Helps Injured Vets Reach Their Goals <http://education.military.com/money-for-school/operation-education-helps-injured-vets-reach-their-goals>.