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Army College Fund

  • The MGIB authorizes each service to offer extra money for those enlisting in critical jobs. This portion is controlled by each service. The U.S. Army refers to this extra money as the Army College Fund (ACF) or as a "kicker". Servicemember must enlist for certain critical military occupational specialty. Current amounts offered include the MGIB; therefore, enrollment in the MGIB upon entry to active duty is mandatory to qualify for ACF
  • The ACF is an enlistment incentive that must be included in the enlistment agreement. Verbal agreements will not be honored. If an individual meets all eligibility criteria, enlisted with the ACF as an incentive, they must ensure it is included in their enlistment agreement. If promised the ACF, the individual should receive a Department of Army Form 3286-66 upon entry to active duty with the incentive listed in section 1a
  • If informed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), when an individual starts to use their entitlements, that their records have no ACF (kicker), then they must forward documentary evidence to the DVA when applying for benefits on VA Form 22-1990