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GoArmyEd "Tip of the Day" Archive
Start DateEnd DateTip of the Day
03/26/202004/30/2020Personal Medical Information Should Not be Included in Case Submissions
01/09/202002/01/2020Having trouble logging in?
11/21/201912/31/2019Recent Update to GoArmyEd Student Record and Army Personnel Record
08/22/201909/24/2019 VIA Access: Disable Pop-up Blocker to Access VIA
04/02/201801/01/2020Having issues logging in with your Common Access Card (CAC)?
02/21/201803/30/2018Clear your browser's cache and cookies
08/24/201708/24/2018Cadet Students: Need help getting started in GoArmyEd?
06/22/201708/31/2017Opening GoArmyEd in Multiple Browsers Restriction
02/27/201703/03/2017Known Issue: GoArmyEd Homepage Display
02/23/201703/20/2017DANTES Annual Educational Publications Ordering Process Now Open until March 20, 2017!
02/17/201703/17/2017February DANTES Information Bulletin (DIB) is now available
01/05/201602/02/2016Ensure that your browser is compatible with GoArmyEd
06/29/201507/13/2015 Don't see the green question mark icon below the GoArmyEd logo? Clear your browser's cache to view updated icons on GoArmyEd
11/12/201411/15/2014GoArmyEd routine upgrade from 8 p.m, Friday, 14 November through 5 a.m, Saturday, 15 November, Eastern Standard Time (EST)
10/08/201411/05/2014GoArmyEd Feature Highlight – Check out GoArmyEd’s Facebook and Twitter
09/22/201410/13/2014GoArmyEd Feature Highlight – Tracking a Helpdesk Case
09/15/201409/30/2014 GoArmyEd email backlog issue resolved
07/15/201407/31/2014 New Password Guidelines
01/08/201403/31/2014View the lastest information concerning the FY14 Tuition Assistance Policy including FAQs
10/29/201311/29/2013Beware of Non-VA GI Bill Websites
10/12/201311/13/2013DANTES Launches College Placement Skills Training (CPST)
06/14/201306/14/2013Issue with Automated Processes
04/10/201304/16/2013Army TA Program Reinstated
02/25/201303/01/2013Transitioning from AARTS to JST
11/16/201201/04/2013AARTS Update
10/03/201210/10/2012Montgomery GI BIll FY13 Rate Increase
05/02/201205/02/2012GoArmyEd Server Maintenance from 3:00 p.m and 3:30 p.m Eastern Time
03/26/201204/06/2012DOD MOU Extended to Summer 2012
12/16/201101/16/201290 Day Extension for DoD MOU Signatures
12/07/201112/08/2011GoArmyEd Reduced Functionality
08/05/201109/05/2011TA Policy Clarification
05/05/201109/30/2011Digital Annual TA SOU unavailable until further notice
03/22/201104/05/2011 Update: New Clock Hour Conversion Rate - Effective 1 April 2011
02/04/201102/11/2011 UPDATE: TUI University has changed its name to Trident University International
01/17/201102/21/2011GoArmyEd System Hosting Facility Relocation - Action Required
11/12/201011/30/2010AARTS Update
11/11/201011/11/2010Thank you Veterans!
07/23/201007/31/2010GoArmyEd Scheduled Downtime - 31 July 2010 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time
07/06/201007/06/2010GoArmyEd Scheduled Downtime - 6 July 2010 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time
04/30/201005/06/2010Join the Veteran Success Jam: Higher Education and America's Veterans
03/29/201003/30/2010 FYI: Portal Downtime from 7:00 a.m. - 7:30 a.m. EST, Tuesday, 30 March 2010.
01/04/201001/04/2010FYI: Portal Downtime from 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. EST, tonight, Monday, 04 January 2010.
10/21/200910/22/200910/21/09: FYI: Portal Downtime from 8:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. EST, Thursday, 22 October
10/08/200910/08/200910/8/09: FYI: Portal Downtime from 8:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. EST
09/29/200912/31/20099/29/09: IMPORTANT UPDATE: New GoArmyEd Helpdesk hours starting 1 October 2009
04/27/200904/27/2009Current and Prospective Student Roster Delayed
03/20/200903/20/2009Update: Registration Files are now available -3/20/2009
02/12/200904/04/20092/12/09 ATTENTION! Expanded Education Opportunities - Army Vocational/Technical (AVOTEC) Soldier Program
01/05/200901/31/2009Staff Sgt Richard Eaton Jr. Memorial Scholarship - 31 Jan 2009 Deadline!
01/01/200902/01/2009U.S. Army Women's Foundation Legacy Scholarships - DUE 1 Feb 09!!
09/09/200809/30/2008Reminder: End of Fiscal Year 2008 Enrollments
05/02/200805/30/2008AMVETS Scholarship Information
02/01/200802/10/2008Mideast Internet Connectivity Issues
11/29/200703/01/200811/29/07: FYI: Effective 1 Jan 08 - University of Missouri-Rolla will change their name to Missouri University of Science and Technology
09/21/200709/22/20079/21/07: ATTENTION! GoArmyEd Helpdesk intermittent phone outage 22 September 2007 between 0100-0630 ET
05/12/200705/12/2007Testing Scroll Tip of Day till 5 PM 5/12/07
08/25/200610/31/20068/25/06: Option available to close CRM cases you created for yourself
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