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External Sources of Funding

In addition to Federal Tuition Assistance (TA) benefits Soldiers may be eligible for state sponsored TA benefits, GI Bill education benefits, scholarships, grants and student loans. Many of these programs may be used together to finance your education. The rules governing the various programs can be very intricate and you should seek assistance in making your decision on which programs to use. A good first step is to contact these offices:

  • School Financial Aid Office – they will have the most up to date information on programs that are available to students attending the institution
  • Army Education Office – they can provide you with information on the rules governing the use of Army TA
  • Department of Veterans Affairs – they can provide you with detailed information about the various veteran’s education benefits programs you may be eligible to use

Additionally, there are many on-line options for researching additional external funding sources. The vast majority of these services are available at no cost to the user. You should be cautions of any program that wants you to pay for information on education funding sources.