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SOCAD Army Career Degrees

Army Career Degrees (ACD) take SOC DNS to a new level of degree specificity. Degree programs are matched to Military Occupational Specialties (MOS)/Career Management Fields (CMF). The SOC DNS ACD program degrees are occupation-based associate and bachelor-level college degrees that uniquely relate to MOS skills, contain specific college courses that match MOS/CMF competencies, and maximize credit for military experience and training in order to minimize additional college study.

Because many Soldiers decide to make the Army their career near the end of their first enlistment, the ACD program option will be presented to them upon graduation from Advanced Individual Training (AIT) or during their first NCO course. Army Career Degrees provide Soldiers credible ways to complete college while making the Army their career. Army Career Degree plans also help Soldiers transition into related civilian occupations after completing active service.

Program Components
  1. Matched to MOS. The ACD programs are matched to technical Military Occupational Specialties.
  2. Early degree completion. Potential for early degree completion exists.
  3. Maximized credit for military training and experience. The selected college degree plans provide the optimum in accommodating credit recommendations for military training and experience. The home college or university has established pre-negotiated acceptance of the American Council on Education (ACE) recommended credit for specific curriculum/MOS combinations.
  4. Detailed degree map. Each degree map includes a complete enumeration of degree requirements and options for meeting them (traditional courses, distance learning courses, AIT, Noncommissioned Officer Education System, and other Army and DoD school courses, MOS, standardized tests, licensure, and certification).
  5. Easy-to-meet academic residency requirements. The home college or university provides academic residency requirement solutions. At a minimum, residency can be completed through distance learning.
  6. Three program-delivery options. Soldiers can complete ACD programs via distance learning. Degrees may also be completed with courses offered in classroom settings or by learning assessment.

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