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GED/High School Completion

Tests of General Education Development (GED)

The Tests of General Education Development (GED) measure the outcome of a four-year program of secondary school education in the United States and Canada and serve to provide an alternative to achieving a high school equivalency credential for those individuals who have not completed a traditional high school program.

A new GED Test was introduced 1 January 2002. Partial scores from previous English-language GED Tests may not be combined with scores from the 2002 Series GED Tests. As with previous GED Tests, the 2002 series tests will cover the core academic areas of language arts, social studies, and mathematics. GED candidates will continue to compose a timed essay on an assigned topic as part of the Language Arts, Writing Test.

Passing scores for the GED Tests are set by the state, province, or territory where you live. Although the requirements may vary slightly from one jurisdiction to another, score requirements are typically reported as a minimum standard score for each test and a minimum average standard score across all five tests. The minimum passing standard set by the GED Testing service is a minimum score of 40 on each test and an average of 45 overall (or 225 total standard score points). An equivalency credential is awarded to those who achieve the scores required by the state in which the examinee holds residency.

The GED Test is available at no cost to military personnel at authorized Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) Test Centers overseas. Forty-seven states allow GED testing at no cost at DANTES Test Centers located at the Army Education Centers on all major Army installations. The three states that do not permit DANTES Test Centers to administer the GED are Alabama, Missouri, and North Carolina. Recognized throughout the United States as a valid indicator of achievement by educators and employers, the GED credential has increased education and employment opportunities for millions of adults. Contact Information: Questions regarding these programs should be directed to a local Army Education Center.

High School Completion Program (HSCP)

The Army High School Completion Program (HSCP) is an off-duty program that provides Soldiers and adult family members the opportunity to earn a high school diploma or equivalency certificate. The local Army Education Center (AEC) can provide information on the availability of HSCP classes on-post, in the community, and through the DANTES independent study program. Tuition Assistance (TA), up to 100 percent, is authorized for Soldiers to cover the cost of the courses that lead to a high school diploma or the equivalent.