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About eArmyU


eArmyU and its technology have brought Army Education to the forefront of the e-learning arena. Featuring a large and robust online learning portal, eArmyU ranks among the most innovative and accessible distance-learning programs ever developed. Launched in January 2001, this program is among a series of dynamic changes to transform traditional Army Education by offering unprecedented access, choice, and flexibility in an online learning environment. eArmyU focuses on the individual Soldier’s success – one Soldier at a time. Collectively, these dedicated men and women are increasing their value to the Army while simultaneously achieving their personal educational goals.

Program Description

eArmyU provides Soldiers access to over one hundred degree plans at regionally-accredited colleges and universities. Through eArmyU, eligible Soldiers have the opportunity to earn a certificate or an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree from a home college while taking courses from multiple colleges. Web-based courses offer unique “anytime, anywhere” flexibility, allowing Soldiers to study at times that are most convenient for them – even as their responsibilities, schedules, and duty assignments change.

The eArmyU Laptop Option is no longer available. If the Army is able to reinstate the eArmyU Laptop enrollment option at some future date, Soldiers will be made aware of any change through their local Army Education Centers and the GoArmyEd portal.

Currently, eArmyU is available to all Soldiers, but the services Soldiers receive as part of the eArmyU enrollment vary (as detailed below);

  • All Soldiers enrolling in eArmyU classes will have applicable class fees waived.
  • Only those Soldiers, who are in a current eArmyU Technology Package (Laptop) Participation Agreement at the point of course enrollment, will receive the bundled services, that is, course materials (books), Internet Service Provider (ISP) access, and academic tutoring.
  • Soldiers, who are not in a current eArmyU Technology Package (Laptop) Participation Agreement, will not receive the bundled services and must purchase their own course materials, to include books. These costs will not be covered by Army Tuition Assistance.

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The eArmyU Laptop Option is no longer available. For additional program information, please direct all requests to your local Army Education Center or to the GoArmyEd Helpdesk.
Outstanding Success

More than 32,000 Soldiers have permanently changed duty stations from their original enrollment sites and now participate in eArmyU from 50 countries, 4 U.S. territories, and all 50 states. To date, more than 1,900 degrees have been conferred on eArmyU Soldiers. Moreover, of all Soldiers who have enrolled in the program, 31 percent have either extended their service or reenlisted to be eligible for the program, demonstrating how broadly eArmyU is supporting the Army’s vision across the Army enterprise.