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GoArmyEd Academic Program Communities

GoArmyEd is made up of 18 different program communities.  Soldiers are assigned to a program community based on their chosen degree plans.  Below you will find a list of the program communities as well as short descriptions provided by the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC).

  1. Aeronautical Science

    Programs related to aviation and aeronautics, including aviation technology, aviation safety, aircraft maintenance, and aviation management.

  2. Allied Health; Health Care Administration (& Nutrition)

    Programs related to the allied health professions, including nursing, health science, and nutrition.   Also includes programs in health care management.

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  4. Arts & Humanities

    The branches of knowledge focusing on human thought, culture, history and the liberal arts, including philosophy, literature, and art.

  5. Business

    Programs in all areas of business studies, including such specializations as accounting, marketing, management, international business, and management information systems.

  6. Career/Industrial Technology

    Programs that are specifically career oriented or vocational in nature and programs focusing on all aspects of industrial technology.  Examples include construction technology, technology troubleshooting, office management, and welding.

  7. Communications

    A field of study concerned with transmitting information using various means, such as print and broadcasting.   Includes journalism, broadcasting, media studies, and advertising.

  8. Criminal Justice/Security

    The study of criminal justice and the entire system of law enforcement, including apprehension, prosecution, and incarceration of those suspected of or charged with criminal offenses.  Includes criminal justice, criminal justice administration, and programs focusing on security issues, such as homeland security.

  9. Education

    The field of study concerned with the pedagogy of teaching and learning.  Includes programs covering all levels of education, from early childhood through secondary and postsecondary, adult education, and continuing education.

  10. General/Professional Studies

    Includes programs outside the scope of the other program communities, such as programs in general studies or individual studies.  Also includes professional or pre-professional studies programs.

  11. Hospitality

    Includes all programs related to the hospitality industry, such as hotel and restaurant management, food service preparation, and hospitality management.

  12. Information Technology

    Refers to programs related to all aspects of the development, installation, and implementation of computer systems, computer networks, and applications.  Includes computer science and programming.

  13. Legal Studies

    The study of law and legal systems.  Includes law and paralegal programs.

  14. Mathematics

    Covers all programs specializing in any aspect of mathematics.

  15. Natural Sciences

    Sciences that deal with the objects and laws of nature and the physical world.  Includes biology, chemistry, physics, geology and earth science, and environmental science.

  16. Religious Studies

    The study of the beliefs, values, and practices of religions or belief systems.  Includes religious studies, pastoral studies, and pastoral counseling.

  17. Resource Management

    Covers the areas of both human resource management and the management of public resources.  Includes human resource management and public administration.

  18. Social Sciences

    The study of human society and the relationship of the individual in and to society.  Includes such fields as sociology, political science, psychology, counseling, and anthropology.

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