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GoArmyEd Feature Highlight – Tracking a Helpdesk Case
When a GoArmyEd Helpdesk case has been created by you or on your behalf, you have the ability to keep track of the status of the case, enter notes for any open case providing additional information if requested, or, if the issue has been resolved, close the case.

The easiest way to track your Helpdesk case is to view the Helpdesk Cases section of your GoArmyEd homepage. Open cases are visible. By selecting the icon next to the case under the "Case Details" column, you can review the case directly in GoArmyEd. If any open case has a red asterisk (*) next to it, this indicator means the case has been returned to you to provide additional information to help troubleshoot and resolve your case.

Make sure to review closed cases by selecting "Closed" from the "Display Cases" drop-down menu before creating a new case since the closed case may have the answer you have been waiting for. Please do not add notes to any closed cases as cases are not monitored once they are closed.

For additional information and assistance, select the Helpdesk icon at the top of your GoArmyEd Homepage and select the "View Reference Documents" link to view Step-by-step Instructions on how to track your case.