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Reminder: End of Fiscal Year 2008 Enrollments
All course enrollments with start dates through 30 Sep 08 must be requested in GoArmyEd on or before midnight, Eastern Time (ET) 25 Sep 08. Attempts to enroll in courses after midnight, ET on 25 Sep 08 will not be approved. This enrollment cut-off is necessary to allow for the fiscal year ¿change-over.¿ This message is to provide advanced notification to the ACES Field to minimize the impact of the enrollment cut-off supporting end of fiscal year change-over. Education Services Officers (ESO) should work very closely with their supporting Academic Institutions to ensure registration deadlines of midnight, ET on 25 Sep 08 for courses with start dates through 30 Sep 08. ESOs should also take full advantage of the media to initiate a campaign to help get this message to Soldiers. This enrollment cut-off has no impact on registration for courses starting 1 Oct 08 or later (FY09 enrollments). Please note that, as always, FY09 enrollments are subject to availability of funds.