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Course Evaluation Summaries

Course Evaluation Summary for American Military University (AMU)

The following evaluation summary provides a summary of the course evaluation taken by students at the end of a course. Students rate their experience by answering the questions on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best. The mean response shows the average rating for each question for this particular course.

Strongly Disagree (1)
Disagree (2)
Neutral (3)
Agree (4)
Strongly Agree (5)

QuestionTotal ResponsesAnswered 1 (%)Answered 2 (%)Answered 3 (%)Answered 4 (%) Answered 5 (%)Mean
My overall experience was:116261121139484.31
The course expanded my understanding of the subject area:116087121039494.34
The overall effectiveness of the online delivery format for this course was:115270264425233.60
The overall effectiveness of the instructor for this course was:115716131235504.29
The level of interaction between me and the instructor was:115461141438434.18
My satisfaction level with the interaction between me and the instructor was:114998131336464.23
The availability of the instructor to provide extra help when needed was:115344121435484.26
The content of the course was interesting:114799131337464.23
The content of the course was challenging:114731122343324.02
The amount of time I devoted to this course per week was:1151246213126163.25
I would recommed this course to another student:11555233932534.29

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