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All Soldiers may request Army Tuition Assistance (TA) benefits only at accredited schools that have an account in GoArmyEd. Army Civilian Employees will also use GoArmyEd to request Army-funded professional development courses at both accredited schools and non-accredited vendors. Please read the following information prior to requesting a school or vendor account:

  • To get started, provide the school's Office of Postsecondary Education Identification (OPEID) code, a unique number assigned to schools by the Department of Education
  • Schools that do not have an OPEID code should use the link below for instructions on how to initiate an account
  • Schools may designate one primary Point of Contact (POC) per school OPEID code
  • Schools that have multiple OPEID codes may request a primary POC account under one of the OPEID codes or set up a primary POC account under multiple OPEID codes, if operating as separate business entities for purposes of handling third party payments

NOTE: Schools that have a signed Letter of Instruction (LOI) with the Army already have a user account to GoArmyEd and do not need to request a new account unless the school has additional campuses or programs not under their current agreement.

Visit Army Continuing Education System (ACES) for frequently asked questions, instructions, updated announcements, and contact information.

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Department of Education Database for OPEID lookup

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