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Education Services (ACES) Yuma Proving Ground 

Fort Huachuca Geographic Education Center

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Yuma Proving Ground Education Center
 Building 501
301 C Street
Yuma, AZ 85365-9498
Phone: (928) 328-3926
DSN: 899-3926
FAX: (928) 328-3860

HOURS OF OPERATION:               Monday-Thursday 0800-1500

Education Center Contacts:
  • Administrative Services Manager                                        (928) 328-3926 EMAIL: melissa.a.king93.ctr@mail.mil
  • Multi-Use Learning Facility (MLF) Coordinator                      (928) 328-3926 EMAIL: melissa.a.king93.ctr@mail.mil
  • Test Examiner                                                                  (928) 328-3926 EMAIL: melissa.a.king93.ctr@mail.mil
  • Counseling Services, Fort Huachuca                                   (520) 533-2047, (520) 533-5690 EMAIL: erin.r.johnson11.civ@mail.mil
  •  Chief, Education Services, Fort Huachuca                           (520) 533-3010/2255 EMAIL: sharon.k.lewis.civ@mail.mil


SKYPE with a Counselor at Fort Huachuca

                        Counselor Contacts: FTHEducation or FTHEducation1


On-Post College:         
 Arizona Western College (AWC)
Military Services Office 
YPG Office Hours: 1200-1600 1st & 3rd Wednesday 


Needs Assessment Survey:    

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