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GoArmyEd Information Portal for Tripler Education Center

    • Welcome to the FT Shafter / Tripler Army Continuing Education System (ACES) website. This website is made available to Army Service Active Duty Military, Reserve Components,other Military Branches, military retirees, along with Department of the Army Civilians and military family members. FT Shafter / Tripler Army Education Complex offers a range of services at  its Army Education Center in Bldg. 102 on the Tripler Medical Center Campus.                                                                                                                                  
      Soldiers, Veterans, Army Civilians and their family members can learn about services for the following areas: Army Education Benefits Info & Support (Tuition Assistance, Accessing and Navigating the GoArmyEd (GAE) Portal; College & Scholarship Advising etc.); VA Benefits Information (Application, Transferring,  School Registration Process); On-Base Residential College Representatives Military Base Face-to-Face Evening Courses; Year Round GT Improvement Classes; CLEP, DSST & Language Testing Resources; and  general information on community resources and employment opportunities.
      We encourage you to drop by the Ft Shafter / Tripler Army Education Complex. An appointment is not necessary to meet with a Counselor and or Administrative Staff.  Current Tripler Army Education Center hours of operation for direct services are from 0900 - 1700 HRS with the last appointment being 1630 HRS, Monday through Friday accept Holidays (and with modified hours on Army Training Days). 
    , HI 96859
                                                  Main Number: (808) 433-4184 and Fax: (808) 433-4183
    Ft Shafter / Tripler Education Complex (FS/TEC) Army Education Complex 
    Center Hours of  Operation are MON - FRI 0900 - 1700 Hrs. 
    • Classroom, Meeting & Training Space Available: FT Shafter/ Tripler Education Complex has a variety  of classrooms available for day-time and evening classes, trainings and meetings throughout the year. For inquiries or scheduling purposes, interested individuals and groups should contact the Tripler Education Center Administrator directly at (808) 433-4184 or (808)433-4182.
    •  Education Services:  ACES Testing, Army Education Benefits,  Academic & Career Counseling are offered by the FT Shafter / Tripler Army Education Counselor on a daily basis MON thru FRI. Appointments are not scheduled, therefore walk-ins are encouraged. Onsite Resident and Visiting Colleges are onsite at the complex building throughout the week, and year round. Face-to-Face evening courses are offered year-round along with Soldier Personnel Language Testing, CLEP & DSST Testing.
    • Counseling Service Hours: Counseling Services are from 0900 - 1200 HRS and 1230 - 1630 HRS. For services call (808) 433-4181. Education Counseling Services include information on Army Education & VA Benefits, GoArmyEd information, Career and College Counseling for civilians, soldier, veterans, and their family members.
    • Colleges & College Representatives: FT Shafter/ Tripler Education Complex (FS/TEC) has a variety of "Visiting Colleges & Resident Colleges" at Bldg. 102 on the grounds of Tripler Medical Center.  A list is outlined below. For additional information please contact the FS/TEC Complex, Education Center Office at (808) 433-4184.
    • Army Testing Services Center: The Army Testing Center is only open on MON & WED from 0900 to 1630 HRS. The Test Center is open to all branches and is for soldiers that have already submitted the appropriate paperwork and that have been confirmed for a scheduled test. The Testing Center does not have a phone, communicates by email only and is only open on MON & WED.  Soldiers wishing additional information can call (808) 433-4184 or email the Test Examiner directly with specific questions. The Test Examiner will  answer all emails on MON and WED when they are at the Testing Center. The Test examiner's email is:  marsha.s.nakasone.ctr@mail.mil or call 433-4182.
    • Facility Administrator Services: Ft Shafter / Tripler Education Complex's Administrator oversees Classroom Scheduling / Reservations, Building Management & Building Repair; Emergency / Fire / Safety Services. Administration can be reached by calling (808) 433-4182.
    * Supervisory Education Services Specialist & Education Services Officer Are Not Stationed At The FT  Shafter / Tripler Army  Education Complex: If in need of one, you can contact Schofield Education Center.    
                              & EDUCATION CENTER  SERVICES 
    • SOLDIER TESTING SERVICES: (Tests Offered - AFCT, BMST, DLAB,DLPT,DLRPT,OPI,SIFT,TYPINGTABE,) In addition, Hawaii Pacific University, has a Testing Center for CLEP & DSST Testing. For information call (808) 433-4184
    • GT IMPROVEMENT CLASSESNext Class being held on Mon - Thur 12 AUG - 16 SEP. 2019  Call: (808) 433-4184 or (808) 433-4182 for additional information. Refer to the 2019 schedule below for more information.
    • COLLEGE & COURSE INSTRUCTION SERVICES: A range of Residential and Non-Residential College Offices  are based at the Ft Shafter / Tripler Education Complex with available staff  throughout the week. College Representatives provide  information about their schools degree programs, assist with registration, and academic advising.  Refer to list of College Offices below forSchool all (808) 433-4184 for more
    • EDUCATION BENEFITS INFORMATION: Tripler Education counseling staff  do provide a range of direct services, support and aassistance with the GoArmyEd (GAE) portal (navigation, Tuition Assistance (TA), holds, degree planning, VIA etc.).
    • EDUCATION BREIFINGS AVAILABLE FOR UNITS: To Enquire or schedule a Brief, call (808) 433-4181  
    • SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION: Scholarship information is available by contacting the FT Shafter / Tripler Education Center Counseling Staff.  
    • MONTHLY BRIEFINGS: "Green to Gold" Briefs occur the last Thursday of each month from 1130 HRS - 1300 HRS at the Ft Shafter/Tripler Army Education Complex building 102.   VA & Army Education Benefit Briefs are scheduled once a month at building 102. Please call for additional information (808) 433-4181 or 433-4184.  
    • ON-CALL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Both Tripler / FT Shafter Army Education Center & Schofield Barracks Army Education Center have part-time Counseling & Administrative on-call positions available. Please call Ft Shafter / Tripler staff  at (808) 433-4184 or Schofield Barracks staff at (808) 655- 9388 during regular business hours (0900-1630 HRS). 
                                                                   GT IMPROVEMENT COURSE 2019 INFORMATION 
                                                    UPCOMING 2019 GT IMPROVEMENT CLASS SCHEDULE & DATES: 
            • Start Date: 12 AUG  Thru 16 SEP  2019      Enrollment Start Date: MAY  01 2019-  Closed 09 AUG 2019 
            •  Start Date: 15 OCT  THRU19 NOV 2019     Enrollment Start Date: AUG  08 2019 - Closed 11 OCT 2019
    •        CLASS HOURS: 0900 - 1200 HRS
    •        CLASS DAYS: Monday Thru Thursday 
    •        CLASS LOCATION: Tripler Army Education Center Bldg. 102 
    •        ENROLLMENT FEE: $20.00 To Be Paid 1st day of Class
    •        REGISTRATION HOURS:  0900 - 1600 HRS Daily
                                     ONSITE COLLEGES & REPRESENTATIVE CONTACT INFORMATION                                                      
                                    Central Michigan University
                                    Tuesdays: 08:30-1700 HRS; Rm 109A
                                    College Rep: Jason Sullivan
                                    Phone# (808)- 782-1541; Email:  schofield.barracks@cmich.edu   Website:htt[://www.cmich.edu 
                                     Central Texas College
                                     Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 0900-1700 HRS; Rm 115
                                     College Rep: Elisa Cole 
                                     Phone #: 808-292--8476; Email: registrar.hawaii@ctc.edu  Website: http://www.ctcd.edu  
                                      Chaminade University
                                      Monday - Friday: 0900 - 1700 HRS; Rm: 105 B
                                      College Rep / Advisor: Angelina Donohue
                                      Phone #: 808-840-1025; Email: angelina.donohue@chaminade.edu,  Website: http://www.chaminade.edu 
                                      Hawaii Pacific University
                                      Monday -  Friday: 0900 - 1700 HRS; Rm 106 A
                                      College Rep: Dave Terry
                                      Phone #: 808-544-1492; Email: dave.terry@hpu.edu, Website: http://www.hpu.edu 
                                      Wayland Baptist
                                      Wednesdays: 0900-1700 HRS; Rm 109A 
                                      College Rep Advisors: Linda AhHee,  Michael Christie

                                      Phone #: 808- 564-3364; or  Email: michael.christie@wbu.edu, Website: http://www.wbu.edu/hawaii

                                                                         ARMY PERSONNEL TESTING CENTER
                                                                                              OPERATION HOURS
                                                                       MON & WED 0900 - 1700 HRS
                                                                            For General Information Call: (808) 433-4182                                                   
                                                                  TYPES OF ACES TESTS OFFERERINGS  
          • Armed Forces Classifications test (AFCT)
          • Basic Math & Science Test (VMST)
          • Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB)
          • Defense Language Proficient Tests (DLPT)
          • Defense Language reading Proficiency Tests (DLRPT)
          • Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)
          • Selection Instrument for Flight Training (SIFT)
          • Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE)     
    •                        For Testing Requirements & Scheduling: Email - marsha.s.nakasone.ctr@mail.mil
                                 who is the Test Examiner or call Ed center staff at  (808) 433-41842