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GoArmyEd Information Portal for Schweinfurt - Conn Geo Ed Center


                                   Location: Bldg 129, 128, 123                    
123 Ring Road, Conn Barracks
Hours of Operation: 0800-1630 M - F
BLDG 129 - Administration, Counseling and Testing
BLDG 123 - College Field Representatives (University of Maryland & Central Texas College)
BLDG 128 - Multi Learning Facility 

Faculty & Staff 
Education Service Specialist
Geraldine Hester.....................353-8218
Multi Learning Facility
Richard Kirby..............353-8223
Testing Office
Isabel Vorbeck-Owens...........353-8219
Administrative Assistant
Chelsea Monje........................353-8218

Counselor Aide
Ivettelixa Osorio...........353-8216
On-Post Field Representatives:
Central Texas College: 09721-96-8211
University of Maryland- Europe: 09721-96-8603

Army Education Centers have professionally trained counselors available to provide educational and career counseling service for the entire military community. A Virtual Counseling System (VCS) work station is used if a counselor is not available. VCS is located in the Counselor Aide room. Students can reach an education counselor anywhere in Europe using this state-of-the-art video telephone technology.
Multi Learning Facility (MLF)
The MLF provides materials designed to increase or refresh MOS proficiency, to remedy educational weaknesses, and to stimulate independent study for professional, including personal, development.
Academic and Military Testing
DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) cover college and vocational technical subjects. Other tests include ACT, SAT, Praxis, GED Practice Tests.
Army Tests available: SIFT, ASVAB, AFCT, BMST, DLAB, and DLPT. Talk to the educational Counselor to check eligibility requirements, scores, time limits, and required forms.
Updated Annual Tuition Assistance Form (July 2013) 
AARTS/ JST Transcript
AARTS/JST is a computerized transcript system that produces official transcripts for eligible Soldiers upon request by combining a Soldier's military education and job experience with descriptions and college credit recommendations developed by the American Council on Education (ACE). In addition to name and SSN, the transcript contains the following information:
  • Current or highest enlisted rank
  • Military status (active or inactive)
  • Additional Skill Identifiers (ASI) and Skill Qualification Identifiers (SQI)
  • Formal military courses
  • Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) held
  • Standardized test score descriptions and credit recommendations developed by ACE
*** Please note, if information is wrong or missing on your AARTS Transcript. The Service Member must contact their S1 to input or correct the requested information.
AARTS Transcript Submission to Home School How-To:
GoArmyEd Pocket Guide:

Re-writable Request for TA Recoupment Waiver (Withdrawal for Military Reasons):
On-Post Colleges   
College classes are available in a face-to-face (traditional) format and online. Most undergraduate classes usually meet twice a week in the evening for 3 hours, for a total of 8 weeks.

Central Texas College
DSN: 353-8211 / CIV: 09721-96-8211  
Field Representative: Aryanna Liddel

University Of Maryland University College - Europe
DSN: 353-8603 / CIV: 09721-96-8603
Field Representatives: Jeremy Hatch
                                 James Nicolson

Last Updated: 06 May 2013

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