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GoArmyEd Information Portal for Qatar Camp As-Sayliyah Education Center


 Camp As Sayliyah Education Center
Building 111
Hours of Operation:
0800 to 2100 hours
Open every day, to include holidays

Local Program Manager/Admin Asst: Mrs. Judy Rigsby, (318) 432-2778

Counseling Services:

Mr. Richard Amponsah, (318) 432-2777 (at CAS)
and (318) 437-0015 (at AUAB)
Mr. Eric Nelson, (318) 432-2777 (at CAS)
and (318) 437-0015 (at AUAB)
Army Learning Center:
Mr. Kevin Otero, Room 109

Our GoArmyEd counselor can assist you with setting up your account, removing or processing holds, assisting you with registering for classes. Counselors can guide you in how to choose a major, finding a school that best fits your needs, and updating both the school and degree plan in GoArmyEd/VIA.

The Education Center offers a FAST course (Functional Academic Skills Training a.k.a. GT Improvement) and Advanced Skills Education Program (ASEP) courses.

Testing Services:

Nancy Hendryx

    DSN: (318) 432-2776

  Our Testing Center offers Army Personnel Testing (DLPT, DLAB, AFCT and SIFT).

The Education Center also offers PearsonVue certification testing as well as

the TABE, GT Predictor, and other specialty tests.

Need a proctor for college exams? Contact the Test Center for further guidance.

 Army Learning Center 

      Our Learning Center offers commercial computers for educational and personal use

We have a small library of study materials for CLEP/DSST, GED, and college entrance test preparation.

          Central Texas College (CTC)

  Kate Raum

DSN: (318) 432-2772

CTC offers a variety of certificate programs and associate's degrees.

CTC offers Criminal Justice and Military Science courses, as well as the EMT-Basic course.


University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC-Europe)

 DSN AUAB: (318) 437-0077

DSN CAS: (318) 432-2771


UMGC offers general education and traditional college courses.

In addition to these onsite classes, online courses are available to worldwide students.