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Presidio of Monterey Education Center

BLDG 636 B Rifle Range Road
  Monterey, CA  93944
 Email:  USARMY.PoM.106-Sig-Bde.List.PRES-EDCTR@mail.mil
    Phone:  (831) 242-5325  DSN: 768-5325
    Fax:      (831) 242-6817  DSN: 768-6817

M-TH: 0800-1700 hours;  F: 0900-1700 hours 
CLOSED FOR LUNCH 1300-1400 hours
Testing by appointment only


                                                                                                      Education Programs

Functional Aptitude Skills Training Program (FAST):
FAST consists of academic instruction designed to provide Service Members the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to participate effectively in the workplace and in society. Instruction is designed to improve reading, mathematics, writing, speaking, science, and/or computer skills. Instruction is delivered in a number of ways including with Peterson's Online Academic Skills Course which can be accessed at www.nelnetsolutions.com/dantes; Basic Skills instruction offered through the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District; year round, open entry/open exit; High School Completion/GED and English-as-a Second Language classes offered through one of our community Adult Schools, in the day and/or evening.

Vocational Programs:
The Mission Trails Regional Occupational Program (ROP) provides job training to high school students, adults and out-of-school youth. ROP courses allow one to further their education, upgrade their present job skills or learn a trade. 

                                                                                                     Educational Services

Professional Counseling Services:
Guidance Counselors are available to assist military personnel and adult Family Members with educational and occupational goals. Meeting with a counselor is key to becoming acquainted with programs and services that support your needs. Counseling is available on a walk-in or appointment basis. 

                                                                                                        Financial Services

Tuition Assistance Program:
The Department of Defense Tuition Assistance (TA) program provides financial assistance for voluntary off-duty education programs at the rate of up to $250 per semester hour with a fiscal year semester hour limit of 16 SH to all Service Members on active duty. The POM Education Center provides Tuition Assistance funding to Soldiers and serves as a liaison to the sister services’ points-of-contact for TA. The Presidio of Monterey Education Center can assist all Service Members with college counseling, procedures for receiving funding, and streamlining college registration.

Veterans Administration (VA) Education Benefits:
Education Center counselors advise on the Post 9/11GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill, College Fund, Veteran's Education Assistance Program, Top-Up and other VA education programs. These benefits support a variety of training including college studies, vocational schooling, apprenticeship/OJT programs, correspondence study and more. VA benefits can be used to pay for expenses not covered by Tuition Assistance. Service Members can  increase the total value of the GI Bill benefit by contributing additional funds to their account. Visit www.gibill.va.gov for a comprehensive review of VA benefits.

Student Loan Repayment Program:
This enlistment incentive benefits all services by repaying up to $65,000 of qualifying student loans. Repayment does not happen automatically. Those eligible must take an active role in initiating loan repayment and ensuring loans remain in forbearance or deferment while being repaid.

Federal, State and Private Aid:
There are numerous ways to finance one’s education. Ask your education professionals about in-state rates at public schools, grants, including the CA Board of Governor’s Grant, student loans, work-study programs, and scholarships. 

                                                                                                                 Testing Services

Your Education Center administers tests to Service Members at no cost and in some cases to Family Members, for a fee. All testing is conducted by appointment only. Study materials are available from the Education Center and the Aiso Library. FY17 POM Education Center Testing Calendar

Multi-use Learning Facility
The Multi-Use Learning Facility (MLF) provides a comfortable location where Service Members can pursue educational and career development research. The MLF houses workstations with Internet access, Kuder Journey – a free computer-based guidance system, SKILLSOFT courseware, army correspondence course instruction, basic skills and test preparation software. Service Members can also access a small library of college catalogs, college handbooks, financial aid references, and career information. 


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