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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. What is Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) and how do I learn more about it?
    Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) is a consortium of colleges and universities that provides educational opportunities to service members and their families.

  2. What is GoArmyEd?
    At GoArmyEd, soldiers on active duty can submit online a request for tuition assistance (TA) for college courses. This automates many of the paper-based processes that soldiers historically conducted with their army education counselor.

Admissions Questions

  1. How do I apply for a degree or certificate?
    The process for applying for a degree or certificate depends on what type of degree or certificate you choose to pursue.
    Application process for a degree or certificate
    1. Fill out the common application through GoArmyEd.
    2. On the World Campus Web site, choose the degree or certificate you want, and then click on Apply Now. If you are applying for an undergraduate degree program, you do not need to fill out the application form on the World Campus Web site. Your common application form will be used. However, graduate degree applicants must fill out the World Campus application form.

      Important: The application process varies by degree and certificate. For the specific process, on the World Campus Web site, click on ADMISSIONS on the left side of the page for the degree or certificate you choose.
  2. What if I'm a former Penn State student wanting to re-enroll?
    Undergraduate Students: Visit the Penn State Registrar's website for information and all necessary forms to re-enroll.

    Graduate Students: Fill out a Resume Study form through the graduate school.

  3. What is a common application?
    A common application is the way a student can make changes to their record, updated their record, or apply for a new program.

    To find the common application::
    • Click on My Student Record
    • Then click on Account Information on the right side
    • Then click on Complete Common Application on the left side
  4. How do I know which academic-plan to choose when filling out the common application?
    Below are a listing of choices and what option to choose depending on your program:
    • Master of Education in Adult Education (ME-AE)*
    • Associate of Arts in Letters, Arts, and Sciences (AA-LAS)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Letters, Arts, and Sciences (BA-LAS)
    • Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership (BS-OL)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society (BA-LS)
    • Associate in Science in Business Administration (AS-BA)
    • Associate in Science in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management (AS-HRIM)
    • Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Geographic Informational Systems (C-GIS)
    • Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain and Informational Systems (GC-SCIS)
    *If you are going to take the first 9 credits in nondegree status, choose "other."

    If you want to begin a degree that Penn State World Campus offers that is not listed above, then choose "other" for your degree plan. Penn State will then contact you to see what program you are interested in.

  5. How can I check my status?
    Undergraduate Degree Applicants: Go to the online application form and click on Check Application Status. Your determination letter will be mailed 4 to 6 weeks after receipt of all application materials. Graduate Degree Applicants:
    1. Go to the degree or certificate of the program you applied.
    2. Click on ADMISSIONS on the left.
    3. Contact the person listed on the admissions page regarding your status.
    Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate Applicants: Within a week from the time you submit your application, you will receive an e-mail regarding your status.
  6. Can I get credit for prior college credits, CLEP, military experience, life experience or any other way?
    There are many alternative ways to gain credit toward a Penn State degree or certificate, including prior college courses, the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES, and credit by examination with Penn State.

    For more information:
  7. How much does it cost to take a course? How much is tuition?
    To see specific tuition and other cost information, see the tuition and fees table.

    Penn State World Campus also offers a Military Grant-In-Aid program for military students.
  8. What are the application deadlines and when will I receive a decision?
    Application deadlines and acceptance time lines vary by type of degree or certificate.

    Undergraduate Degrees
    If you intend to use financial aid, we recommend the following deadlines for a completed degree application and FAFSA submission.
    • Fall semester admission: June 30
    • Spring semester admission: October 31
    • Summer semester admission: March 15
    Your determination letter will be mailed 4 to 6 weeks after receipt of all application materials.

    Graduate Degrees
    Application deadlines for graduate degree programs vary.
    1. On the World Campus Web site, click on your degree of interest.
    2. Click on ADMISSIONS on the left.
    3. Then click on DEADLINES on the left.
    Undergraduate and Graduate Certificates You can apply for an undergraduate or graduate certificate program up to one week before your desired course starts; however, courses fill up quickly, so early registration is encouraged. You should receive a decision within a week about acceptance into the certificate program.

Registration Questions

  1. How can I register for a course?
    The course registration process varies by the type of student who is registering.
    First-Time Students (no previous Penn State World Campus courses)
    1. Log into GoArmyEd and click on Enroll in a Course on the bottom of the page and register for a course.
    2. Fill out an Access Account Acceptance Statement. Fax the form to 814-865-3290, Attn: Joey Stewart.
    3. Important: To complete your registration, you must pay your student bill at least 3 weeks before your course starts. Even if you owe no money, you must complete this step in order to be registered for the course.
    Current Students
    1. Register through GoArmyEd.
    2. Important: To complete your registration, you must pay your student bill at least 3 weeks before your course starts. Even if you owe no money, you must complete this step in order to be registered for the course.
    Because courses fill up quickly, first check for seat availability on the Penn State Schedule of Courses. If you see a course is filling up quickly, ask about alternative ways to get into the course. Undergraduate accepted students should contact John Mills. All other students should contact Joey Stewart.
  2. How can I get a course uploaded into the GoArmyEd portal?
    Contact Ginny Newman if you are looking for a course that is not listed on the GoArmyEd portal.
  3. How can I get a course description?
    Course descriptions can be found in the online World Campus course catalog. Search for a course; then click on the schedule number to view the course description.
  4. How can I get an access account?
    To receive a Penn State Access Account, you must fill out the Access Account Acceptance Statement and fax it to 814-865-3290, Attn: Joey Stewart. You will receive access after you schedule your first course.
  5. How can I access my online courses?
    You will access your online courses through ANGEL, Penn State's online course environment. After you have your user ID and password, you can log into ANGEL. To get a user ID and password, you need an access account.
  6. When will the Army pay for my course?
    The Army will send payment after you have completed at least 19 percent of the course. You may receive bills until Penn State receives the funds. If you are going to be awarded funds, we will note this on your account as soon as you register through the GoArmyEd portal, so that you will not be charged late fees for the money the Army owes.
  7. When will my grades be posted?
    Your grades will be posted on the GoArmyEd portal after your last day of class. There will be a delay if we are waiting for an instructor to submit your grade.

Student Policy Questions

  1. What is a student agreement, why do I need one, and when can I expect to receive one?
    The SOCAD student agreement is an official evaluation by Penn State World Campus of your prior education and military experience. The student agreement, which you must have for your file, outlines a degree plan that includes the courses and other academic requirements for degree completion.

    You will receive a SOCAD student agreement before you have completed 6 credits in a program through Penn State World Campus.
  2. Why is my account on hold for missing a student agreement?
    If you have not been accepted into a degree or certificate program and are taking more than 6 credits from your home college (shown on your common application form), your account will be put on hold. Please contact our admissions team to see what other items you may be missing.
  3. How can I get my books and course materials?
    Books and course materials are usually available 3 weeks before a course begins. They can be purchased online through MBS Direct, our online bookstore.

    A list of books and course materials is found on the details page for each course.
    1. Go to the online World Campus Course Catalog.
    2. Search for your course.
    3. Click on the course schedule number.
    4. A list of the course materials can be found near the bottom of the course details page.
  4. How can I arrange to take exams/tests?
    You will choose your proctor and make specific arrangements with him/her as to when you will take each exam.

    Refer to your course syllabus for exam dates. You will be given specific instructions about when to submit your Request for Examination Form. You will need to complete a Request for Examination Form (through ANGEL) for each exam. As long as your proctor has been approved, we will mail the exam to your proctor 3 weeks before the exam date. You will need to contact your proctor to confirm the date, time, and location for each exam.

    For more information:
  5. How can I get an extension or ask for a deferred grade?
    You need to work directly with your instructor to obtain an extension. If your instructor approves a deferred grade, you will have 6 weeks into the next semester to complete your course and have your grade posted.

    For more information:
  6. How can I drop a course or withdraw from Penn State?
    Dropping a Course If you are dropping a course before 19 percent of it is completed, you can drop it through the GoArmyEd portal. Once this happens, you will be removed from the Penn State system.

    If you are dropping a course after 19 percent of it is completed, you need to drop the course through Penn State.

    Withdrawing from Penn State
    If you are unable to complete a semester, you may choose to withdraw from Penn State.

    Undergraduate and Nondegree Students: Initiate a withdrawal through eLion by selecting Withdrawal or completing a withdrawal form that requires you to obtain the signature of your college dean.

    Graduate Students: Initiate a withdrawal through Graduate Enrollment Services.

    You will need to apply for re-enrollment to the University if you choose to return.

    Military Withdrawal (students called to active duty)
    Students called to active duty during a semester or session should initiate a military withdrawal (policy J1). Any student with a military withdrawal will:
    • not be charged tuition for the semester of withdrawal
    • be eligible for "military re-enrollment" at the University, assuring the student access to the same major and location as was assigned at the time of withdrawal
    • have the re-enrollment fee waived
    • not have to notify the Office of Student Aid and the Bursar's office—this will be done automatically
    Military Withdrawal Process
    Present a copy of your military orders, with a signed written request for a military withdrawal, to the Registrar's office by mail or fax.
  7. When will my record show that I graduated?
    When you graduate, notify Joey Stewart; she will record your graduation through the GoArmyEd portal.
  8. How can I get technical or academic support? How can I open a CRM case?
    To get technical or academic support, you must create a customer resource management (CRM) case. To create a case, call the GoArmyEd Helpdesk at 800-817-9990 or select Create Helpdesk Case on the Helpdesk page (under Help in the lefthand menu on GoArmyEd). If the Helpdesk can not solve your problem immediately, the problem will be referred to a subject matter expert.
  9. Where can I find useful student forms?