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GoArmyEd Information Portal for Okinawa - Torii Education Center

 Torii Station Education Center, Okinawa, Japan         
Okinawa - Torii Station Education Center (M-F @0730-1630)
Torii Education Center Brochure (click  ):
Online Academic Skills Course (OASC) FY19
OASC brochure
 FY 18 Japanese Headstart Schedule:
 Education Services Officer:  Ms. Jacqueline C. Smith
 DSN:  (315) 644-5188    M-F @0730-1630
 CML:  011-81-98-953-5188
 email: jacqueline.c.smith33.civ@mail.mil
 Education Counselor:    Ms. Sanareena Keller 
 DSN: (315) 644-4954     M-F @0900-1600
 email:  sanareena.keller.ctr@mail.mil
Training Instructor:  Mr. Yoshiharu Miyagi 
 DSN:  (315) 644-4038    M-F @0730-1630
 GoArmyEd Assistance and Administrative Support 
 Mr. Hajime Toyama: 
 DSN:  (315) 644-4463 
 Ms. Kemmy Okuma: DD
  DSN: (315) 644-4684 
Testing Office:  Mr. Richard LeBlanc 
  -Hours of Operation: 0700-1400 (Mon-Fri) 
   DSN: (315) 644-4390    
email:  richard.t.leblanc.ctr@mail.mil      
On-Post Colleges: 1000-1400 (Mon-Fri)
  -University of Maryland University College 
  email:     torii-asia@umuc.edu   
    DSN (315) 644-4957  
 Testing Schedule 
 Following examinations are available at Torii Education Center:

-Army Personnel Testing (APT):  Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT), Oral proficiency Interview (OPI), Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB), Selection Instrument for Flight Training (SIFT), and Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT).
 -Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).
DLPT - DA Form 4187 Sample: click me
DLAB - DA Form 4187 Sample: click me
AFCT - DA Form 4187 Sample: click me 
SIFT - DA Form 4187 Sample: click me 
Colleg-Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES Subject Standardizd Tests (DSST), Person VUE, and Excelsior College Examinations are available at University of Maryland University College (UMUC) National Test Center (NTC).  Vist:  www.asia.umuc.edu/ntc for more information. 
Check out the Online CLEP Pracitice Test and or Resume Builder:  http://www.nelnetsolutions.com/dod/%2

YouTube:  2016 Graduation