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GoArmyEd Information Portal for NG-Washington Education Services Office

Mailing Address:
Washington Army National Guard
Education Services Office
41st Division Rd. Bldg. 15
Camp Murray, WA 98430

Contact Info:
Hours of Operation:
0730-1630 Tues-Friday
Points of Contact:
Education Services Officer - MAJ Eric Flowers
(253) 512-1324
GI Bill Manager -  Mrs. Ely Woodall
(253) 512-8435
Education Services Specialist - Mrs. Sarah Schmidt
(253) 512-8390
 Incentives Manager - SPC Yousos
(253) 512-8488 
Congratulations on the decision to develop your academic career! Your Education Team at Camp Murray is committed to providing you with timely and responsive Education Support as you seek to develop yourself professionally, academically, and personally. Please feel free to contact us via the general email address or by phone as necessary. We are continually working to devise new ways to support you in your goals. While we currently do not offer testing services, please bear with us as we are working to devise systems to broaden our Service Support.

Quick Links 
  • Transfer Education Benefits (TEB)
  • Gi Bill Information
  • Joint Services Transcript (JST)
  • Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL)
  • CLEP & DSST Prep
  • GoArmyEd for beginners
  • FAQs
  • Upload a document to your efile
  • Applying for FTA at a NON-LOI school 
  • How to change a rejected status to pending
  • What a degree plan (Student Agreement) looks like


    • Federal Tuition Assistance: Up to $250 per semester hour or up to $4,000/ 16 semester hours per fiscal year.

    • GI Bill : After you have decided which instituition you'll attend and your enrollment, use the link above in order to apply for your GI Bill benefits.

    • Counseling:  If you are a current WA ARNG Soldier and would like to gain a better understanding or clarification of your benefits, use the email address provided and someone within the office will contact you through email.