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                                      Thursday, 27 Feb 2015 (last updated)


Federal Tuition Assistance                  State Tuition Assistance

*NEW* Changes Effective 1 October 2014!                                                                                             *EFFECTIVE FALL 2014*
1)     TA will not cover fees of any kind.                                                                To apply for STA fill out SDNG Form 56 to received 50% tuition
                                                                                                                                   reduction. Obtain form from SDBOR page, State school representative 
2)      Reimbursement criteria for non-completion will change.                                  or through parent unit. Read and follow all instructions on the back of the
         Passing for TA purposes is a "C" for undergraduate                                        form to ensure proper submission.     
         and a "B" for graduate course. Failure to meet those "passing" 
         grades will result in TA recoupment.                                                             DEADLINE:  Submit application 60 days prior to course start date, up to 7
                                                                                                                                                    days after course start date.
3)      TA requests must be approved before start date of the class.                      LIMIT:  Bachelors-128 Semester Hours, 32 Semester Hours
         Submit your TA requests as early as 60 (no later than 10)
         days prior to course start date to allow sufficient time                                   ELIGIBILITY: Must complete Basic training and meet requirements per 
         for education personnel to approve request(s).                                             SDCL 33-6-7.
                                                                                                                              **STUDENTS MUST APPLY FOR EACH TERM IN WHICH THEY ARE
                                                                                                                                                                      SEEKING BENEFITS**

CW2 Chief Fleming                          Ms. Linda Abbott                           SGT Dakota Porter                        SSG Christopher Montileaux                          SGT Camillia Bloomgren
ESO, SDARNG                                  ESS/FTA Manager                         Education Specialist                     GI Bill/SLRP Manager                                      SLRP/Bonus Manager
1-605-737-6713                                 1-605-737-6675                               1-605-737-6087                               1-605-737-6621                                                 1-605-737-6212


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