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National Guard Bureau
111South George Mason Drive
Arlington, VA 22204


National Guard Bureau (NGB) Contact Info

EducationServices Branch Inbox:  ng.ncr.ngb-arng.mbx.ngb-edu@mail.mil

LegacyFTA Exception to Policy Submissions:  ng.ncr.ngb-arng.mbx.ngb-ta-etp@mail.mil
TLC Reimbursement Submissions:  ng.ncr.ngb-arng.mbx.ngtesting@mail.mil


Access Requests
DMDC/TEB Mr.James Smith, (703) 607-5148

GIMS – Mr.Jeff Haycraft, (703) 601-7103

GoArmyEd – Mr. Tommy Austin, (703) 607-1263

ESOEmail Distribution Listng.ncr.ngb-arng.mbx.ngb-edu@mail.mil




LaVern E. Weber NationalGuard Professional Education Center (PEC)

ARNG Education Services Course (EDU-ESC)

ARNG GI Bill Manager Course (EDU-GIBMC)

ARNG Incentive Manager Course (EDU-IMC)

 NGB Personnel, Arlington Hall Station (AHS)

 Education ServicesBranch (ARNG-HRM-E) Chief:

Mr.Ken Hardy

(703) 607-9744

Testing/TrainingProgram Manager, State ESO Liaison:

Mr.Jeff Haycraft

(703) 601-7103

 GoArmyEd/FTA Program Manager:

Mr.Tommy Austin

 (703) 607-1263

 GI Bill ProgramManager: 

SFC Donald Sutton

 (703) 607-3991

 Education Counseling and Support:

Mr.James Smith

 (703) 607-5148

 ESO Fiscal Programs


TheState Education Services Officer manages various federal programs involving fiscal responsibility. One of the firstthings a new ESO should do upon taking control of the State Education Office isto take the online Fiscal Law course and (if possible) attend the Fiscal Lawresident course at PEC.

On-LineComptrollerAccreditation and Fiscal Law Course (DL)

ResidentARNG Fiscal Law (NGRMFL – 101)


TheESO will normally manage the following Education & Incentives ManagementDecision Packages (MDEP) and other programs requiring fiscal responsibility:



·        VisibilityArmy Tuition Assistance (VATA):  LegacyFTA MDEP

·        KickerValidation of Eligibility

·        KickerMonitoring continued Eligibility

·        KickerPayment & Termination

·        VisibilityArmy Continuing Education (VACE):  Operation & Maintenance

·        MarketPlace:  Education & IncentivesMarketing Items