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National Guard Bureau
111South George Mason Drive
Arlington, VA 22204


National Guard Bureau (NGB) Contact Info

EducationServices Branch Inbox:  ng.ncr.ngb-arng.mbx.ngb-edu@mail.mil

LegacyFTA Exception to Policy Submissions:  ng.ncr.ngb-arng.mbx.ngb-ta-etp@mail.mil
TLC Reimbursement Submissions:  ng.ncr.ngb-arng.mbx.ngtesting@mail.mil


Access Requests
DMDC/TEB Mr.James Smith, (703)607-5148

GIMS – Mr.Jeff Haycraft, (703)601-7103

GoArmyEd – Mr. Tommy Austin, (703)607-1263

ESOEmail Distribution Listng.ncr.ngb-arng.mbx.ngb-edu@mail.mil




LaVern E. Weber NationalGuard Professional Education Center (PEC)

ARNG Education Services Course (EDU-ESC)

ARNG GI Bill Manager Course (EDU-GIBMC)

ARNG Incentive Manager Course (EDU-IMC)

 NGB Personnel, Arlington Hall Station (AHS)

 Education ServicesBranch (ARNG-HRM-E) Chief:

Mr.Ken Hardy

(703) 607-9744

Testing/TrainingProgram Manager, State ESO Liaison:

Mr.Jeff Haycraft

(703) 601-7103

 GoArmyEd/FTA Program Manager:

Mr.Tommy Austin

 (703) 607-1263

 GI Bill ProgramManager: 

SFC Donald Sutton

 (703) 607-3991

 Testing Program Administrator:

Mr.Matthew Negard

 (703) 607-549

 Education Counselingand Support:

Mr.James Smith

 (703) 607-5148

 Education Counselingand Support:

Mr.Jake Avra

 (703) 607-5158

 Education Counselingand Support:

Ms.Amy Oden

 (703) 607-3989
NGB Personnel, Professional Education Center(PEC)
 Guard Support Center Program Manager  Ms.Casey Buse

 (501) 212-4930

 Guard Support Center  


 GI Bill Support TeamProgram Manager  Mr.Jim Walters

 (501) 212-4395

Incentives Branch 
Incentives Branch(ARNG-HRM-I) Chief  MAJ Bradley Chaney

(703) 601-7651

SRIP/LRP  CPT Dustin Pack  (703) 607-9771
AMEDD/OfficerIncentives  CPT Rand Goldstein  (703) 601-8138

 ESO Fiscal Programs


TheState Education Services Officer manages various federal programs involving fiscal responsibility. One of the firstthings a new ESO should do upon taking control of the State Education Office isto take the online Fiscal Law course and (if possible) attend the Fiscal Lawresident course at PEC.

On-LineComptrollerAccreditation and Fiscal Law Course (DL)

ResidentARNG Fiscal Law (NGRMFL – 101)


TheESO will normally manage the following Education & Incentives ManagementDecision Packages (MDEP) and other programs requiring fiscal responsibility:



·        VisibilityArmy Tuition Assistance (VATA):  LegacyFTA MDEP

·        KickerValidation of Eligibility

·        KickerMonitoring continued Eligibility

·        KickerPayment & Termination

·        VisibilityArmy Continuing Education (VACE):  Operation & Maintenance

·        MarketPlace:  Education & IncentivesMarketing Items

Education and Incentives Services OfficerCouncil (EISOC)



The mission of the Education and Incentives Services Officer Council (EISOC) is toadvocate on behalf of all ARNG Education Services Officers, provide State-levelinput to National Guard Bureau regarding voluntary civilian education andincentives matters, and to serve as the lead agent in the development anddelivery of all education services training and communication efforts.


EISOC Chair:  MAJJake McKinney                       
EISOC Vice-Chair:  CW2Julie Benson
Region 1: 
CPTBen Stoner (NJ)
Region 2: 
MAJRichard Schultheis (PA)
Region 3: 
MAJJake McKinney (KY)
Region 4: 
CPTDustin Cebula (WI)
Region 5: 
CW2Clint Erikson (OK)
Region 6: 
CW3Lee Bushaw (ND)
Region 7: 
CW3Lori Wasserman (CO)
Operations NCO: 
SFCBrad Merrill (ME)
Incentives Advisor: 
2LTJessica Jaggars (VT)
TA Advisor: 
Mr.Tommy Austin (TX)
GI Bill Advisor: 
SSGThomas Parker (NC)