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GoArmyEd: NG-Professional Education Center (PEC)

National Guard Bureau
111 South George Mason Drive
Arlington, VA 22204

ESO Fiscal Programs:
The State Education Services Officer manages various federal programs involving fiscal responsibility. One of the first things a new ESO should do upon taking control of the State Education Office is to take the online Fiscal Law course and (if possible) attend the Fiscal Law resident course at PEC.

The ESO will normally manage the following Education & Incentives Management Decision Packages (MDEP) and other programs requiring fiscal responsibility:

  • Visibility Army Tuition Assistance (VATA):Legacy FTA MDEP
  • Kicker Validation of Eligibility
  • Kicker Monitoring continued Eligibility
  • Kicker Payment & Termination
  • Visibility Army Continuing Education (VACE): Operation & Maintenance
  • Market Place: Education & Incentives Marketing Items



National Guard Bureau (NGB) Contact Info:

Education Services Branch Inbox: ng.ncr.ngb-arng.mbx.ngb-edu@mail.mil

Education Office Personnel Resources:
LaVern E. Weber National Guard Professional Education Center: (PEC)
Education Services Branch: GKO
GI Bill Support Team: 1-866-628-5999
Veterans Administration: 1-888-442-4551 






 NGB Personnel, Arlington Hall Station (AHS)

Education Services Branch Chief (ARNG-HRH-C) Mr. Ken Hardy (703) 607-9744
Testing/Training Program Manager Ms. Melissa Robinson (703) 601-7103
Education Program Specialist / FTA / CA Program ManagerMs. Zaida Jimenez (703) 607-1263
GI Bill Program Manager Mr. Donald Sutton (703) 607-3991
Education Counseling and SupportMs. Shanteau Gaskins (703) 607-5148
Education Counseling and SupportMr. Kenneth Blake(703) 607-5148
Education Services Action OfficerMAJ Nils Stansen(703) 601-7550
Education Services Action Officer1LT Carlos Matos(703) 607-5495

Mr. Donald Sutton
(703) 607-3991
GoArmyEd Access/FTA/CA:
Ms. Zaida Jimenez
(703) 607-1263

Ms. Melissa Robinson
(703) 601-7103