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GoArmyEd Information Portal for NG-Illinois Education Services Office


    ILLINOIS ARMY NATIONAL GUARD - Education and Incentives Office
    Acting ESO/SLRP Manager: Seth Mernaugh
    Incentives Manager: Christopher Clark
    Federal Tuition Assistance/ Army Personnel Testing Manager: Sharma Wolfe 
    GI Bill Manager/National Guard Grant Manager: SPC Christopher Melton, Jr.
    Hours of Operation: 0800-1630 (CST)


    Welcome to the Illinois Army National Guard Education Center webpage!

    • Illinois National Guard Grant : Pays 100% tuition at any state supported college or university, use the link to the right to apply.
    • GI Bill : After you have decided which instituition you'll attend and your enrollment, use the link to the right in order to apply for your GI Bill benefits.
    • Counseling:  If you are a current IL ARNG Soldier and would like to gain a better understanding or clarification of your benefits, use the email address provided and someone within the office will contact you through email.
    • Federal Tuition Assistance: Up to $250 per semester hour or up to $4,000/ 16 semester hours per fiscal year.
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