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GoArmyEd Information Portal for NG-Georgia Education Services Office

Service Office
Education Office
1000 Halsey AVE, Building 447
Clay NG Center
Marietta, GA  30060

TA Managers:  
Mr. Tom Bolin - 678-569-5067
CW2 Mathew Hanson - 678-569-

Help Desk (800)-817-9990

The GA ARNG Education Center currently does not conduct testing at this center.  Please contact FT Benning or FT Gordon.  Contact information provided below:


Fort Benning Testing Center - Army Personnel and Academic Testing

Phone: 706.545.3708/2911, Soldier's Plaza, Building 2612, Ft. Benning GA  31905


Fort Gordon Test and Evaluation Branch

Phone: 706.791.2103, Barnes Avenue, Bldg 25602, Ft Gordon GA  30905

Education Services

Professional Counseling Services:
Guidance Counselors are available to assist military personnel and adult family members with educational and occupational goals. Meeting with a counselor is key to becoming acquainted with programs and services that support your needs. Counseling is available for walk-in service or by appointment.

Financial Services

Tuition Assistance Program:
The Department of Defense has a uniform Tuition Assistance (TA) policy that provides financial assistance for voluntary off-duty education programs at the rate of up to $250 per semester hour with a fiscal year ceiling of $4,000 to all service members on active duty. All US Army Soldiers (NG, Army Reserve, and Active Duty) can apply online at GoArmyEd.com
The GA ARNG Education Center can assist all service members with college counseling, procedures for receiving funding, and streamlining college registration.

Veterans Administration (VA) Education Benefits:
The GA ARNG Education Center can assist with GI Bill, College Fund, VEAP, Top-Up and other VA Education Benefits Programs. These benefits support a variety of training including college studies, vocational schooling, apprenticeship/OJT programs, correspondence studies, and more. The GI Bill can be used to pay for expenses not covered by Tuition Assistance. Service members can now increase the total value of the GI Bill benefit by contributing additional funds to their account. Visit www.gibill.va.gov for a comprehensive review of these benefits.

Student Loan Repayment:
This enlistment incentive benefits all services by repaying up to $50,000 of qualifying Federal guarenteed student loans. The Soldier must have a current student loan to be eligible for the benefit. Repayment does not happen automatically. Those eligible must take an active role in initiating loan repayment documents and ensuring loans remain in forbearance while being repaid by the government. Soldiers are required to submit an annual update that has to be completed by their lender.

Federal, State and Private Aid:
There are numerous ways to finance one’s education. Ask your education professionals about in-state rates at public schools, grants, including the Hope Scholarship Program, student loans, work-study programs, and scholarships.

GA Army National Guard Education, Incentives, and Employment Staff:

Education Services Officer (ESO)               678-569-5232 
MAJ Jeff Freeman

ESO NCOIC - Student Loan Repayment / Incentives Manager
Currently Vacant

TA Manager                     
Mr. Tom Bolin (DAC)                                       678-569-5067



GI Bill Manager                                                  678-569-5345 
Mr Todd Brinkley (CTR)