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USAG Livorno Education Center (Camp Darby) Italy ALSO JFC Naples Ed Center

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Education Counselor Aide - Camp Darby

Education Counselor Aide - Naples (Lago Patria)

Testing Office - Camp Darby
  • Tuesday through Thursday, 0900-1400
  • CLOSED on Monday and Friday
  • Offering Army Personnel Tests, ASVAB and DANTES SAT/ACT
  • DSN: 633-7640 or 39-050-547640
  • livorno.testing@us.army.mil

Local Schools - Camp Darby

  • University of Maryland: 314-633-7386
Local Schools - Naples (NSA)
  • Central Texas College: 314-626-6761
  • University of Maryland: 314-626-6673
  • University of Oklahoma: 314-626-6672 
National Test Center Naples (NSA): 314-626-6673/6674/6675
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