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GoArmyEd Information Portal for Illesheim Education Center

Welcome to the Illesheim Education Center!
Located on the 2nd Floor of Building 6503  
Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday* 0800-1630
*Hours subject to change based on funding
        Educational Services Officer      
Irina McNemee
Katterbach: Room 256
DSN: 467-2378
CIV: 09802-83-2378
Michelle Parslow
Room 2.05B
DSN: 467-4750
CIV: 09841-83-4750
Military Transition Education Counselor
 Shea Davidson
Room 2.02 on Fridays
DSN: 467-2493
CIV: 09802-83-2493


 Military Test Examiner
Michelle Cornman
Katterbach: Room 244
DSN: 467-2730
CIV: 09802-83-2730
Testing services are available by APPOINTMENT ONLY

 National Testing Center

Brendan Teall 
Katterbach: Room 245
DSN: 467-3816
CIV: 09802-83-3816
Website: www.ed.umuc.edu
Colleges and Universities
Central Texas College
Nicholas WIlliams 
Room 2.07A
DSN: 467-4538
CIV: 09841-83-4538
University of Maryland University College
Nick Lebakken
Room 2.07C
DSN: 467-4991
CIV: 09841-83-4991
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Michelle Moore
Room 2.01A on Thursdays
DSN: 467-4273
CIV: 09841-83-4273
University of Oklahoma
Samantha Gifford
DSN: 467-4739
CIV: 09841-83-4739
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