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U.S. Army Continuing Education
and Testing Center

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Moritz* Hall, Bldg 4502, Kingsman Street
Fort Rucker, AL 36362
(Sign-in for service at Room 317)
PHONE COMM: 334-255-2378
FAX: 334-255-9320
DSN: 558-2378    DSN FAX: 558-9320

*Named in Honor of: SP5 Michael P. Moritz, UH-1B Helicopter Crew Chief, KIA Vietnam, 16 June 1965

                                                                                                                                                   CYCLE OF SUCCESS 

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Army Education Center Staff:

Supervisory Education Services Specialist (SESS): Randy A. McNally
CIV 334-255-2925 DSN 558-2925, randy.a.mcnally.civ@mail.mil

Education Services Specialist (ESS): Donald C. Ellwood
CIV 334-255-9288 DSN 558-9288, donald.c.ellwood.civ@mail.mil
                                                                                                                        Higher Education Transition Counselor (HE): lindsay L. Dunne
CIV 334-255-3941, DSN 558-3941, lindsay.l.dunne.civ@mail.mil
Multiuse Learning Facility (MLF) FAST Class: Rebecca Buckland 
                     CIV 334-255-2378 DSN 558-2378, rebecca.a.buckland.ctr@mail.mil


Army Testing Center Staff:
Army Personnel/DANTES Testing: Cheryl Hanna
CIV 334-255-3651, DSN 558-3651, cheryl.d.hanna.ctr@mail.mil

Regional Army ACES Locations:

Camp Shelby Mississippi Education Center:  Dana Michele
Civ: 601-558-2029 DSN 286-2029, dana.d.michel.ctr@mail.mil 8:30-4:30 M-F
Eglin AFB Florida Army ACES Counselor: Judy Guidry
CIV 850-882-4649, judy.a.guidry2.civ@mail.mil

On-Post and Local Area Colleges
Four Year Colleges:


Troy University - Dothan Alabama Campus



Two Year Colleges:
Central Texas College (334-709-4400)  
(Alabama Aviation Center is a division of ESCC)
George C. Wallace State Community College (Off-Post Local Area - 334-983-3521)
Additional Detailed Information:

NOTE: Please use the Examples linked below when filling out the required DA Form 4187 for your requested test.

Return the completed and signed DA Form 4187 with copy of ORB/ERB to the Testing Office, open for test scheduling Mon-Thur after 1300.  Thank You. 

SIFT Testing Policy Memorandum
APT/Dantes Testing Schedule October
Transition GPS - Goals and Plans for Success when Transitioning from Military Service to Civilian Life
Higher Education (HE) Path 2-Day Seminar/Workshop Schedule
(Check with ACAP office for latest schedule 334-255-1117) 
Section 1: Personal Goals : Determine personal goals for transition and future occupations - Higher Education Requirements
Section 2: Institutional Factors : Determine through research the best major field of study and best institutions to attend to reach goals
Section 3: Funding Factors : Determine available options for funding your education and how to apply
Section 4: Admission Requirements : Determine admission requirements and submit an application to your selected institution 
         (Use selected college/university web sites)