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Fort Irwin Education Center   

1020 Third Street | Fort Irwin, CA. 92310 | 760.380.4218 



Facility Hours:
Monday - Friday
0730 - 1600
Closed ALL Federal Holidays
Counseling Hours
M-W & F, 0730 - 1600
T, 1100-1600
Multi-Use Learning Facility
(Computer Lab) 
M-F 0730-1600


The Fort Irwin Education Center provides a full range of educational programs and services. Army Education Counselors can assist soldiers, family members, and community members with educational goal clarification and degree/certificate program information, tuition assistance, financial aid, GoArmyEd and VA education benefits. Services offered include: Transitional Counseling/Higher Education Track, Career Skills Program, BSEP/Fast Class information and enrollment, Army Personnel and Academic Testing, and classroom reservations.

Interested in improving your GT score? Then sign up for the Basic Skills Education Program!

No Cost

3 Week Course (15 instruction days, no class on Federal Holidays)

Monday - Friday from 0900 - 1700 

Commander approval required

We accept 30 enrollees on a first come, first serve basis! Contact the BSEP Coordinator at 760.380.7302/4218.  View the FY18  BSEP Schedule. 

If you are unable to attend our BSEP course, you may compete the online BSEP preparation class at http://www.nelnetsolutions.com/DantesNet/.

Testing Services 
Building 1020, Room 44/45

Phone: 760.380.4442/4218


                                                                                                                        usarmy.irwin.imcom.mbx.education-center@mail.mil or


                                                                                     Army Personnel Testing (APT)-AFCT, DLAB, DLPT, OPI, and SIFT.

DANTES Testing Sections
Barstow Community College (Ft Irwin Campus)
Building 285
Phone: 760.380.3905
Visit our Multi-Use Learning Facility (Computer Lab) 
0730 - 1600 
We offer 14 workstations with:
Free Printing (limits apply)
Internet Access*
Assistance with GoArmyEd
CAC Accessibility 
Other Services
Need to reserve a classroom?
Need to Outprocess (ETS requires counseling)?
Need transcript evaluations for points?
Stop by the Education Center today! 

Resident Schools 

Barstow Community College, Park University, Trident University


For more information or current events, please contact the Education Center or visit our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/EducationCenteratFortIrwin.


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