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Central Texas College

P.O. Box 1800
Phone: 2545261868
Fax: 2545260817
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Refund Schedule

Students who officially withdraw from the Institution shall have their tuition and mandatory fees refunded according to the following schedule:
  • 100 percent refund before the first day of the term or semester.
  • 75 percent refund if not more than 18.75 percent of the term or semester has elapsed.
  • 25 percent refund if not more than 25 percent of the term or semester has elapsed.
  • 5 percent refund if not more than 60 percent of the term or semester has elapsed.
  • 0 percent refund if more than 60 percent of the term or semester has elapsed.
Class day count begins with the first calendar day of the term (not necessarily the first day of an individucal class); and includes all weekdays, Monday through Friday, which are not designated official Central Texas College holidays. 

Testing Procedures and Policies

Proctored testing is required for all distance learning courses. Test descriptions and testing timelines are provided by your instructor. Check your course syllabus and the Distance learning website testing information page for details.


Recommended sources for textbook purchases include:

If you purchase your book from another source, ensure to allow enough time for shipping and processing, and check the ISBN number, author and title of a book to ensure that you are purchasing the same book. This is very important, as textbooks are constantly being revised.

Library resources

Extensive library support to worldwide students includes online databases and reference assistance accessible at the CTC website at www.ctcd.edu.

Distance Learning Course Access

Course access is provided through Blackboard at http://ctc.blackboard.com/. Course access should be available 72 hours prior to the course start. To access Blackboard a username and password is required. Your username is 'c'(lowercase) + your 7-digit CTC ID Your password is your date of birth in MMDDYY order. For example, July 6, 1970 would be 070670. 24-hour technical support is provided online or by phone at 1-866-350-4729.

Special support for distant learners

With CTC's distance learning program, educational guidance is at your fingertips. Our online Mentor Team is equipped to help you with: Admissions and Registration, Course Selections, Withdrawals, and General Academic Advisement. Live Chat is also available.

Tutorials in math and English and academic support services can be found at http://online.ctcd.edu/tutorials.cfm.

Course descriptions and syllabi

Course descriptions may be found in the Central Texas College catalog. Standard syllabi may also be viewed online.

Requesting Extensions or Incompletes

An “IP” grade may be assigned by an instructor if a student has made satisfactory progress in a course and lacks only a major quiz, final exam, or other project. The “IP” grade may also be assigned due to extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control.

In general, an incomplete may not be considered unless you have completed the majority of the coursework. If you feel that you have justification for requesting an “IP”, you must ask your instructor to assign an “IP” and be prepared to provide documentation to justify your request. Only the instructor may grant an “IP“, and you must coordinate with your instructor to identify a reasonable schedule for submitting the required coursework. You should arrange to complete the course requirements as soon as possible. If only an exam is missing, the deadline may be just a few days; if several assignments are missing, it may be a few weeks. However, in no case will the deadline exceed 110 days after the scheduled end of the course.

You are responsible for adhering to the prescribed schedule for submitting your work. The instructor should not have to beg you to turn it in or remind you of your commitment. If at the end of 110 days you have not completed the remaining coursework as required by the instructor, the “IP” will be converted to an “FI” and appear as an “F” on your official transcript.

Grade Appeal Process

Students who believe that a computational error occurred in grading should immediately contact the instructor of the course in question. Students must bring this matter to the attention of the instructor involved no later than 180 days after the end of the course in order for a grade change to be considered. Administrative personnel of Central Texas College are not authorized to change an instructor’s grade.


Please request a transcript online.

Anticipated Course Costs

Because tuition and fee rates vary by military contract or memorandum of understanding for classroom courses, check with your local CTC representative to determine costs. An overview of current distance learning rates is as follows:

  • GEO Ed Centers in the Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, or any other location in the world not serviced by a CTC site office or contract: $225 per credit hour.
  • GEO Ed Centers at USAREUR locations, $240.22
  • GEO Ed Centers CENTCOM (downrange) locations, $250 per credit hour
  • GEO Ed Center in the state of Texas, (also applicable to bona fide Texas residents), $90 in district (includes Ft Hood); $113 out of district.
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