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Army Education Center, Camp Zama, Japan 



                                                                      Camp Zama Education Center, Japan                                                                                                                               2016 Graduate Recognition Ceremony
The Army Continuing Education System (ACES) Army Education Center at Camp Zama provides a variety of educational opportunities to enhance the quality of life for personnel in the Camp Zama community. Courses are available that will provide for personal growth, career development and other educational needs. Testing programs enhance the ability of military and civilian students to achieve degrees faster, and the Army Personnel Testing Program offers a full range of tests required for the Soldier.
                                       Camp Zama GoArmyEd Room                                          GoArmyEd Work Space                                      Relaxation Area                                         Odawara Castle
Education Services Officer in Japan:
DSN:  (315) 263-5055
CML:  011-81-46-407-5055
email:  david.k.rood4.civ@mail.mil 

Education Services Specialist:
DSN:  (315) 263-5068
CML:  011-81-46-407-5068
email: daniel.j.tremel.civ@mail.mil 

Administrative Support: 
Ms Miharu Sugahara
DSN:  (315) 263-3015
CML:  011-81-46-407-3015

Ms Mie Mizobuchi
DSN:  (315) 263-5311
CML:  011-81-46-407-5311

DSN FAX: (315) 263-5306
CML FAX:  011-81-46-407-5306 

Testing Branch: 
Ms Rie Iijima
DSN:  (315) 263-3635
CML:  011-81-46-407-3635
Japanese Headstart Instructor:
Mr Mitsuo Onozaki
DSN: (315) 263-4043 
CML: 011-81-46-407-4043 

Mr Tadasu Takahashi 
DSN: (315) 263-5311
CML: 011-81-46-407-5311
 Mult-Use Learning Facility:  
Hours of Operation:  Mon thru Fri: 0800-1630
VTC is available by appointment
On-post colleges

University of Maryland University College
DSN:  (315) 263-5379
CML:  011-81-46-407-5379
email:  zama@asia.umuc.edu

Central Texas College
DSN:  (315) 263-1201 ext. 1-469-375-7693 
CML:  011-81-46-407-1201 ext. 1-469-375-7693 
email:  zama.jpn.pfec@ctcd.edu
  • Testing Services
    • Army Personnel Testing:  DLPT, DLAB, AFAST, AFCT, Typing Test
    • Acadmic Tests: Excelsior College Exams, PRAXIS, ACT, SAT, GED
    • GRE/GMAT reimbursement information 
    • Proctor Services:  available for certification, college, eArmyU exams
    • TABE:  Level A, Level D 
  • Japanese Headstart
    • A one week 40-hour course in Japanese language and culture for new arrivals.  The course is mandatory for all new Army personnel.  
                Japanese Headstart Calendar

                      Japanese Head Start Class on Youtube 

Part 1-1  http://youtu.be/HgJO5v8jX_o


Part 1-2  http://youtu.be/MFHNthnX-v8


Part 1-3  http://youtu.be/xS-UAAVZpUM


Part 1-4  http://youtu.be/0Cn9TDvtRiM


Part 2-1  http://youtu.be/47RPh7erh2s


Part 2-2  http://youtu.be/2nA5n4fjkb0


Part 2-3  http://youtu.be/fOmVleiwgM0


Part 2-4  http://youtu.be/JlcjjhIWkUA


Part 2-5  http://youtu.be/0xpJtQ39OyQ

  • OASC (Formerly FAST)
    • On-line Academic Skills Training (FAST) is instruction to improve soldier's GT score on AFCT.  Instruction is in the area of Reading, Math and Vocabulary.  Civilian students preparing for the GED test are welcome on a space avaiable basis.  Soldiers must take the TABE D test prior to enrollment in OASC.   



2016 Graduate Recognition Ceremony (Recorded 23 November 2016)


2014 American Education Week Celebration on Camp Zama (Recorded 19 November 2014)
2014 Camp Zama Graduate Recognition Ceremony (1min56sec)
 2013 American Education Week Celebration on Camp Zama  (2min28sec, recorded November 2013)
  Camp Zama National Testing Center (1min21sec)

Education Center Video Clip Link: (1min42sec, recorded April 2013)

Camp Zama's Education Center offers a wealth of online assistance, classroom facilities

and year-round courses from three accredited universities to assist eligible Soldiers,

civilians and family members with furthering their education. This video provides an in-

depth look at these and many other

resources available at the Education Center:

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  Educational Needs Assessment:

This survey is used to measure satisfaction, quality, availability, delivery, service,

and to gauge the effectiveness of on-base college and university programs.

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