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GoArmyEd Information Portal for 99th RSC West PA Army Reserve Education Center

99th RSC West PA Army Reserve Education Center 

99th Regional Support Command West
99th Soldier's Lane
Coraopolis, PA 15108-2550
Recently, the McGarity AFRC in Coraopolis, PA updated all the facility phone numbers.  If you are calling anyone at the McGarity AFRC and you are unable to get through, you are encouraged to call the facility toll free phone number 1-800-400-2650.  
The last four digits of the phone number you are trying to reach is the extension too. All of our phone numbers are listed below:
99th RSC West Education Office toll free number: 1-800-567-9518
99th RSC West Education Office fax: (412) 264-5132
99th RSC West Education Office Email Address: usarmy.usarc.99-rsc.mbx.education-services1@mail.mil

Name Email Phone Title
Lew Zellmann Lewis.F.Zellmann.civ@mail.mil (412) 604-8291 or 8292 Education Services Specialist
Barbara Olson barbara.j.olson8.ctr@mail.mil (412) 604-8294 On-site contract coordinator
Michael Kohl michael.p.kohl.ctr@mail.mil (412) 604-8291  
Michael Moschak michael.j.moschak.ctr@mail.mil (412) 604-8297  
Debbie Scott debra.j.scott3.ctr@mail.mil (412) 604-8296
Kathy Weaver kathy.l.weaver12.ctr@mail.mil (412) 604-8293  

Stacy Van Goor


(412) 604-8295
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