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ATTENTION: Internet Explorer Users - Clear browsing setting to view search results

If using Internet Explorer as your browser, please follow the steps below to clear the cache in order to view search results on PeopleSoft pages in GoArmyEd (white background pages):

  1. Open a new Internet Explorer browser window
  2. Select Tools then select Internet Options
  3. Select the Delete button
  4. Ensure the Preserve Favorites website data box is unchecked
  5. Select the Delete button
  6. A window appears asking to wait while the browsing history is deleted
  7. Select the Ok button on the Internet Options screen
  8. Close out Internet Explorer browser window and open a new Internet Explorer browser window
IMPORTANT: If using a government computer, contact the Directorate of Information Management (DOIM) to request the steps be implemented or select Ctrl and F5 on your keyboard when accessing PeopleSoft pages (white background pages).